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Florestal Brazilian Coffee Candy - 4.2 oz / 120 g

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Florestal Brazilian Coffee Candy - 4.2 oz / 120 g
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Expires: Jan 17, 2022

From Brazil to the world: Instead of Florestal Brazilian Coffee Candy, this should be named Coffee-candy-that-actually-tastes-like-coffee! Pure caffeine love!


There are tons of coffee candies out there, but when you try Florestal Brazilian Coffee Candy you’ll notice the difference: real coffee flavor, spot-on sweetness, hard consistency. Made with real Brazilian coffee, these small tokens of caffeine glee are perfect to carry with you when those low-energy peaks attack or you just yearn some coffee yumminess and don’t feel like brewing a pot.

  • Florestal Brazilian Coffee Candy.
  • Contains 4.23 oz / 120 g.
  • Contains Lactose, Dairy and Soy Derivatives. May contain Peanuts and Tartrazine (Yellow #5).
  • Product of Brazil.

Have a little taste of Florestal Coffee Candy after meals for a satisfying sweet & coffee finish! These are perfect to place in counters and have guests or clients take a little piece of joy!

Customer Reviews

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LOVE this Coffee Candy!!!!!!

If you are a coffee addict, you will love this hard candy. I can't drink coffee all day, but late at night, having a piece or two of this candy really is a treat!