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About Us

Routine, lack of time, convenience, lack of options...there are many reasons why people usually end up eating the same things all the time. Boredom never killed anyone, but… don't you think we could spice things up a bit? 

That's why we decided to take matters into our own hands and create this online store: A Little Taste. We're especially interested in those products that are characteristic of different countries and cultures. Tastes, textures, colors, and aromas that can become a remarkable discovery for your regular menu, that bring back memories (remember that Ratatouille scene?) or just spark happiness!

Our goal is for you to find in one single place those flavors you wouldn't normally find in your local supermarket: international specialty foods at affordable prices!

A little taste of each country’s best

We're quite picky about the goods we choose to include in our catalog, so every product we offer has to pass a strict curating method.

  • We do extensive research on different countries: what's representative of the culture, what's loved by its local people, and what has great recommendations by both professionals and the public in general.
  • We get our hands on each item and try them ourselves to judge if the  quality lives up to the product’s reputation. We then choose the winning flavors.
  • We carefully select our suppliers so the items arrive in their best conditions and can get to you in the shortest time, at a reasonable price, to provide you with the best experience.

A lot of effort goes into selecting products so you know that, when you try something new, there is a great chance that you will like (or love!) it. We believe our current selection is awesome, but you can be sure that we will keep searching for the very best from each corner of the world. 

A chance to discover, reunite, connect, and share

We want you to find those foods that take you back to your childhood, that tickle your curiosity, that honor the recommendation of a dear friend, or that you once tasted during a trip and never found again.

We ask you to share those yummy things that make you truly happy with your family and loved ones.

We invite you to get lost in our catalog, discover new countries and cultures through their flavors, and realize how much in common we all have; how people from the other side of the world also connect and express and share love through what they eat and feed their families.

Are you ready to start this delicious journey?

The world is yours to taste!