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Coconut Pirucream (Pirulin Coconut Wafer Sticks, Large Can) - 10.59 oz / 300 g

Coconut Pirucream (Pirulin Coconut Wafer Sticks, Large Can) - 10.59 oz / 300 g
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Pirulin was already perfect, but your favorite wafer sticks created a different level of awesomeness with this irresistible coconut-flavored filling!


Pirucream, named Pirulin originally, is one of the most traditional and beloved sweets in Venezuela. This unique version keeps its delightful, crusty wafer straw, but filled with soft, heavenly coconut cream. Perfect for those who aren't chocolate fans, but crave for yummy sweets! European-style wafers with a tropical swing!

  • Pirucream / Pirulin Wafer Sticks filled with Coconut-Flavored Cream.
  • The can contains 10.59 oz / 300 g.
  • Contains Gluten, Milk, Soy and Egg.
  • Product of Venezuela / Dominican Republic.

Have a little taste of Pirucream / Pirulin Coconut-Flavored Wafers as a shareable dessert, or a creative snack for the movies. You can use them whole or crushed to top smoothies or cupcakes!

Expires: 06/30/2022

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
bonnie ashworth
mmmmmmm good


Ana Kahana
Mega fast shipping and incredible taste!

I ordered this as a treat to myself since my birthday is coming soon. The shipping was incredibly fast! I am a Pirulin fan, there's no other treat I like more than Pirulin. These ones are dangerous because you can't stop eating them. I highly recommend pairing them with a Piña Colada Ice Cream. They were well packaged and they feel super fresh. I highly recommend buying this flavor