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Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter Spread (Smooth) - 14.1 oz / 400 g

by Lotus
Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter Spread (Smooth) - 14.1 oz / 400 g
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A Belgian genius created a spread made of spice cookies not so long ago: Biscoff Cookie Butter. Nut-free, smooth, creamy. How come nobody invented it before?!


A unique treat for those with nut allergies or for those with a foodie’s heart: Biscoff Spread is made from freshly baked Biscoff cookies, crushed and mixed until converted into a spreadable, sweet paste that's not only a perfect substitute for peanut butter or chocolate spread but a delicious creamy treat on its own. Its consistency is just like peanut butter's, and its taste shares the same cinnamon hint of the cookies its made from (which represent 66% of the recipe). And it's made in a nut-free facility.

  • Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Nut-free.
  • No artificial colors or flavors.
  • Non-GMO ingredients.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Contains 14.1 oz (400 g).
  • Product of Belgium.

Have a little taste of Biscoff Creamy Cookie Butter daily on your breakfast toast, or with special treats like cake (it's great for layering or frosting), cookies, brownies, and even S'Mores. You can have some on top of your ice cream, for flavoring milkshakes, or just in a spoonful of deliciousness to keep your day going!

Expires: 10/30/2021

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