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Nestle Galak White Chocolate Bars (Box of 12) - 12.6 oz / 360 g

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Nestle Galak White Chocolate Bars (Box of 12) - 12.6 oz / 360 g
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Nestle literally invented white chocolate in the 1930s. So you can't go wrong with Galak! You might know it as Milkybar, or just as the taste of your childhood!


White chocolate has been around for almost a century, and this specific brand, Galak, is wildly popular worldwide (no wonder why, it's a perfect melt-in-your-fingers, sweet, delectable bar of yumminess).

Galak, or in its original name, Milkybar, was invented in Switzerland. Still, you must know something: for Venezuelans, it is like the most Venezuelan candy there is, and they will fight you over it!

  • Galak White Chocolate.
  • Box of 12 bars.
  • Each bar weighs 1.06 oz (30 gr) for a total of 12.6 oz (360 g).
  • Contains Milk, Gluten, and Soy. May contain peanuts, tree nuts, hazelnuts, and almonds.
  • Product of Venezuela.

Have a little taste of Nestle Galak White Chocolate when you need some cheering up. Melt some Galak and mix it with hot chocolate, or top ice cream and let it harden for an almost-professional-but-absolutely-delicious white-chocolate coating.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
tamisha jaime

Loved it

Colin Mitchell

Nestle Galak White Chocolate Bars (Box of 12) - 12.6 oz / 360 g

Best white chocolate ever!

I had these growing up and they were my favorite along with Torontos and Piruli. No other white chocolate is as good.