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Nestle Savoy Milk Chocolate Bar (Box of 12) - 12.67 oz / 360 g

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Nestle Savoy Milk Chocolate Bar (Box of 12) - 12.67 oz / 360 g
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Expires: Nov 23, 2022

Countless Venezuelans will promise: Savoy Milk Chocolate Bar is plainly the best chocolate in the world. Don’t try to say otherwise before you’ve tried one!


Known as just "Chocolate Savoy" in its home country, this creamy chocolate is one of the most (if not THE most) popular chocolate candy bars in Venezuela. Unpretentious, but rich and silky. Sweet, but undeniably chocolatey. Dense, but how easy it melts in your mouth... What's not to love?

  • Milk Chocolate Bar.
  • Box of 12.67 oz / 360 g.
  • Box contains 12 units (30 g each).
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Product of Venezuela.

Have a little taste of Nestle Savoy Milk Chocolate coupled with coffee, cookies, cake, ice cream... seriously anything you can think of! You can make chocolate milk (yummy!) or stuff bread or a croissant with it and have it melt in the microwave (yummy! x2).

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mayuri Villarreal

Rápidos, frescos yo los amo. Gracias oor existir y poder comprar algunas cosas de mi país Venezuela


I purchase this product for the first time through this page, and I gotta say it was a great service. The ship items that can melt during week days so that the are deliver faster and there's no so many chances for the item to be sitting under the sun, which I think it's great. When I received the package promptly and it had a bag of ice which was completely melted, along with the chocolates, but they still tasted good. Really good, definitely recommend and would be buying again soon.

Olga Altieri
Very good products.

My son loves Nestle Savoy Milk Chocolate Bar. He wants more.

Sara Gozenpud
Love it !!

I'm so happy with my order, everything came in an excelent way, will order again from you for sure. Love my Venezuelan chocolates

Leo Reinfeld
Love this chocolate

The product I know since I am a kid and love it and now, having A Little Taste to deliver it here in the US is fantastic or you can call it “ A dream come true” Next this company have to offer it in different sizes..:-)