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Nestle Savoy Samba Chocolate Wafer (Pack of 4) - 4.4 oz / 128 g

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Nestle Savoy Samba Chocolate Wafer (Pack of 4) - 4.4 oz / 128 g
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The best Samba isn’t the one you dance, but the one you eat! Soft and delicious wafer with chocolate filling and coating. Your taste buds will be the dancers!


A legendary candy bar in Venezuela, Samba is a nostalgia trigger and a craving pleaser. Is it a chocolate bar? Is it a wafer cookie? Maybe both? Imagine a long, crispy wafer layered with rich chocolate cream, wrapped in a thick, creamy cover of Savoy's well-beloved milk chocolate.

  • Nestle Savoy Samba Chocolate Wafer.
  • Pack of 4.
  • Each Wafer weighs 1.1 oz (32 g), for a total of 4.4 oz (128 g).
  • Contains Gluten. May contain soy, and traces of Peanuts, Almonds, Hazelnuts.
  • Product of Venezuela.

Have a little taste of Samba de Chocolate dipped in peanut butter (with caution, it can be seriously addictive). Crush and mix with vanilla ice cream for a chunky stracciatella look-alike!

Expires: 11/13/2020

IMPORTANT: The ingredients listed on this product are not in English. Always make sure you understand which ingredients a product has before consuming it.

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