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Nucita Venezuelan Chocolate Cream Tube (Pack of 4) - 4.8 oz / 140 g

by Nucita
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Nucita Venezuelan Chocolate Cream Tube (Pack of 4) - 4.8 oz / 140 g
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Every Venezuelan knows what Nucita is, but also how wondrous its creaminess and yumminess are! And all that rich goodness comes in a tube!


Nucita is one of those tear-jerking candies for Venezuelans. From the classic tin tube that contains it, to its smooth and heavenly mix of chocolate and hazelnuts, it is woven in happy childhood memories.

All this doesn't mean, of course, that grown-ups don't eat Nucita... much to the contrary! This hazelnut chocolate cream is BELOVED by people of all ages!

  • Nucita Hazelnut Chocolate Cream Tube.
  • Pack of 4 tubes.
  • Each tube is 1.2 oz (35 g) for a total of 4.8 oz (140 g).
  • Contains Milk, Hazelnuts and Soy.
  • Product of Venezuela.

Have a little taste of Nucita Hazelnut Chocolate Cream straight from the tube, as the chocolate makers intended! Also, try on anything that calls for chocolate spread: waffles, pancakes, toast, more chocolate. Blend with milk and ice cream for an amazing chocolate milkshake!

IMPORTANT: The ingredients listed on this product are not in English. Always make sure you understand which ingredients a product has before consuming it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rebecca Johnstone

It is a taste of home, from my childhood, when I lived in Venezuela

Gaby Maggioli

Everything is fresh and really good.

Yennifer Silva

Love it!!!

victoria valero