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Peru Chef Achiote Paste (Annatto Seasoning) - 8 oz / 227 g

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Peru Chef Achiote Paste (Annatto Seasoning) - 8 oz / 227 g
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Red is the color of passion. Of love. The exact feelings you’ll experience when your taste buds get in contact with Peru Chef Achiote Paste!


Annatto is a beautiful red spice popular in Latin American countries like Peru, Venezuela, or Mexico. Peru Chef captures its succulent, authentic, and warm flavor in this thick achiote sauce. Its intense color speaks of its complex flavor: mildly peppery, with sweet and earthy notes, definitely worth tasting!

  • Peru Chef Achiote Paste.
  • Annatto Seasoning.
  • Contains 8 oz / 227 g.
  • Product of Peru.

Have a little taste of Peru Chef Achiote Paste in some homemade Tacos al Pastor! Marinate EVERY kind of meat, or use on veggies before roasting for an irresistible touch!

Customer Reviews

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Delia Vildoso

Thanks for letting us get connected to our traditional species and enjoy the organic cook at home.