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Peru Chef Chuño Blanco Entero (Peruvian Dried White Potatoes) - 15 oz / 425 g

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Peru Chef Chuño Blanco Entero (Peruvian Dried White Potatoes) - 15 oz / 425 g
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Much more than just potatoes! Chuño Blanco is a traditional Andean ingredient, as tasty as it is interesting! A whole new level of your Peruvian food knowledge!


When it comes to Peru’s exquisite gastronomy, Chuño Blanco is one of their most ancient secrets. Its existence precedes the Inca Empire! How cool is that?

This particular variety of potato is frozen, then sun-dried in an almost artisanal process that takes several days. But you don’t have to worry about that: Peru Chef presents them perfectly ready for all your delicious cooking experiments!

  • Peru Chef Chuño Blanco Entero.
  • Dried White Potatoes.
  • 100% Natural.
  • Contains 15 oz / 425 g.
  • Product of Peru.

Have a little taste of Peru Chef Chuño Blanco in a typical Chuño Blanco soup! Any stew can make great use of them, from chicken to meatballs. It’s recommended to rehydrate the chuño by soaking for several hours before using it.

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Jenny Gaul

Very good producto, each producto very well protect for shipping and arrive on time. Thank you.