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Predilecta Goiabada (Guava Paste) - 17.6 oz / 500 g

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Predilecta Goiabada (Guava Paste) - 17.6 oz / 500 g
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Predilecta Goiabada is a darling! Brazilians know it since they’re kids, so this yummy guava paste keeps being a beloved dessert (and will be forever)!


Goiabada is a huge deal in Brazil and Predilecta, as its name claims, is a local favorite. A popular sweet made of guava and sugar, its firm but soft consistency makes it super versatile and, most importantly, keeps the sweet, fruity flavor that made it so loved.

  • Predilecta Goiabada Guava Paste.
  • May contain Soy, Mustard, and Sesame.
  • Contains 17.64 oz / 500 g.
  • Product of Brazil.

Have a little taste of Predilecta Goiabada in a typically Brazilian Romeu e Julieta: cut and layer mozzarella (or any fresh cheese) and guava paste squares for a divine and unique snack. You can fill pastries with it, or just eat it with toast for a happy, yummy breakfast!

IMPORTANT: The ingredients listed on this product are not in English. Always make sure you understand which ingredients a product has before consuming it.

Customer Reviews

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Brad S
Just like in Rio 👍

This is the same that my wife gets when we are on mission in Brasil. She hopes maybe you will get the Caputiry cheese to go with it and make her favorite dish called Romeo and Juliet. We appreciate y’all.