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Sol del Cusco Chocolate Tablets for Hot Cocoa (Pack of 4) - 12.8 oz / 360 g

Sol del Cusco Chocolate Tablets for Hot Cocoa (Pack of 4) - 12.8 oz / 360 g
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Christmas in Peru can’t happen if there’s no Sol del Cusco Chocolate! Or, at least, it won’t be as cozy as it can be without this delicious hot cocoa!


Peruvians know it well: Sol del Cusco hot cocoa just makes any family gathering lovelier. Warm, sweet, like a family group hug. The best part (besides its intense chocolate flavor)? It doesn't need any extra sweetening!

  • Sol del Cusco Hot Chocolate Tablets.
  • Pack of 4.
  • Gluten-free.
  • 0% Cholesterol and Trans Fat.
  • No artificial coloring.
  • Each tablet is 3.2 oz (90 g), for a total of 12.8 oz (360 g).
  • Contains soy lecithin. Manufactured in a facility where products are elaborated with milk, peanuts and faba beans.
  • Product of Peru.

Have a little taste of Sol del Cusco Hot Chocolate with family. Break the tablet in pieces and melt in 200 ml of water until it boils. When it's completely dissolved, add 1L of milk, stir, and enjoy! 

Try with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top. Add coffee and milk foam for a mochaccino-style drink.

Expires: 02/28/2022

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